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Top 4 Amazing Limo Party Ideas To Try For Teenagers

Every year we make plans about how we’d like to make this year one of the best ones yet or just do something fun and unique, but somehow end up not going through with our plans. This year though, you should do something special, something that’s fun, new, and exciting at the same time. If you ask us, there’s no better way to have fun with your friends than by hiring a limo. Just imagine the face of everyone when they’ll see you rolling in a limo with your best friends while having a blast! There’s simply nothing cooler than partying with your best friends and having a dedicated driver to take you anywhere you wish! With that in mind, here are some of the best Limo Party Ideas for Teenagers you can consider to make this year one of the best ones yet:

1. Take your best friends out for dinner!

Who doesn’t like going out for dinner at their favorite restaurant? Before you surprise your friends by picking them up with the limo, you can ask them in advance about their favorite restaurant so you can know which one most of them may prefer eating at. Once you pick up your friends, you can actually start partying in the limo! Ask the driver to play some party music or bring your own and start jamming!

Limos have a very luxurious interior, so if you want you can certainly snap as many photos as you like, post them on social media and wait for an avalanche of likes, comments, and shares from your friends and family. No matter how you look at it, this ride is one of the best experiences you and your friends will remember for many years to come. While the ride itself is fun, just wait until you arrive at the restaurant you booked. There, delicious foods and drinks will be the icing on the cake for this exciting and special day!

2. Enjoy a great tour of the city with the guys

If you and your friends live in a big city and you never had the chance to explore it, then how about you invite them to explore it together? Just imagine how much fun and how many laughs you’ll have while enjoying the tour. Keep in mind that you can choose the type of beverages, but also the food you can have in the limo. Depending on which limo service you use, some may have a dedicated menu for teens, so be sure to check it out and see whether you like it or whether you want to add some extras.

You can also ask your friends to conform to a dress code to add to the fun factor. For instance, you can all dress up as a certain movie character or maybe as a gangster and then play various games. Speaking of which, you could play a game where all of you need to imitate a gangster and the best imitator wins a gift card or restaurant coupon. Let’s face it: it’s not every day that you and your friends are all dressed up as gangsters in a limo, trying to portray your character as convincingly as possible. It’s simply hilarious!

3. Go shopping with the girls

It’s not always the boys who will want to ride and party in a limo. In fact, girls would love this even more, so as a girl you may want to plan a day of luxury and indulgence. Pick up your friends in a pink limo and begin your awesome day at the local spa. Afterwards, you can go to your favorite restaurant to get your fill of milkshakes and your favorite snack foods. However, you can’t call it a day without going on a shopping spree, so pick one or more local malls and buy yourself some trendy shoes, bags, and outfits!

4. Do some Karaoke

When it comes to teens, we all know that they generally like to create their own entertainment. If you already have a place where you and your friends can party, then that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun until you get there. A great way to have fun is to get a cardboard box and ask everyone to bring a photo of themselves when they were a baby and put it in before boarding the limo.

Now, tape the photos on the windows and ask everyone to guess who is who. Make sure you also have a guitar somewhere. Each person has 3 guesses and if they guess wrong 3 times, then they have to take up the guitar and sing a popular song with a baby voice. But wait, there’s more! Everyone else then needs to guess the name of the song being sung. You can set up prizes for those who guess it right. Anything from gift cards to restaurant coupons will do! Each person has 2 attempts to guess the song. If they fail, then they’re eliminated from the game.

The winner will receive a special prize that you have to decide on. Make sure it’s something worth getting worked up for and everyone will give their best to win it. Just imagine how many laughs you’ll have and the hundreds of jokes everyone will crack many weeks after this amazing day is over!

As you can see, celebrating a special event or simply having fun in a unique and special way is a breeze and there are many ideas you can consider to make the day unforgettable. No matter how you look at it, renting a limo will not only make you look cooler, but you also get to pick up your friends in style, tour the city, and party like Hollywood superstars!