4 Creative Limo Party Bus Ideas Your Guests Will Love

Have you been searching for a unique venue for your next party or event? If so, you might not have considered using a limo party bus, but it can be a terrific way to throw a bash that everyone will love. Yet, you may still have trouble picturing the different types of activities or get-togethers that you can easily host on a huge and well-appointed party bus. So, to help you learn more, here are some creative limo party bus ideas for you to explore.

Idea #1: Have a Theme Party.

Costume parties aren’t thrown as often as they were in the old days, but they can be tremendous fun and showcase your guests’ creative side. Why not invite some of your best friends to join you for a themed party on board the bus, where everyone dresses up to match. You can even tie in the drinks, appetizers or food and the decorations – so when you step on board you enter an entirely different world.


For example, you could have a decade theme (like the 70’s or 80’s) where everyone dresses up in clothes of that era and you play the best classic songs from that decade all night long. Or, have a graffiti party, where all your guests wear white clothes and you provide markers. They’ll be able to draw fun and wacky things on each other for hours, and it can be a great conversation starter. Perhaps you and your friends weren’t able to get down to Mardi Gras this year, but you can throw your own recreation onboard a stylish party bus. Bring beads, blast brass band jazz on the sound system and serve traditional drinks like Ramos Gin Fizz, Hurricane cocktails or Sazerac to get everyone in the right mood.

Idea #2: Rent Your Own Sports Bar.

The notion of renting out your own sports bar probably sounds far-fetched, unless you are extremely wealthy and have money to burn. However, using a party bus as your venue, you can recreate the look and experience of a sports bar – just a private one that’s only open to your closest friends. With the high definition TV’s available, a full bar and even the ability to bring on appetizers or finger foods, you and your crew can watch the game in style and have a party at the same time.


This can be the perfect event if you want to invite wives and girlfriends who may not be as interested in the game to attend, as they’ll enjoy the good food and drinks and unique atmosphere that a party bus delivers. Also, when compared to tailgating, they may like the fact that they’ll be out of the weather (in case of rainy or cold conditions) and have nice bathroom facilities readily available. All in all, a party bus Super Bowl or Stanley cup shindig will be a highly memorable event, as it will be like tailgating (without the grilling) or having your own sports bar for a night.

Idea #3: Brewery Tour or Pub Crawl in Style.

Party buses are well-known for their drinking, as people love to imbibe and have fun onboard. Yet, you can take this a step farther and use a party bus as transportation to get around on a brewery tour or pub crawl. Why? This way you and your friends won’t have down time between destinations, but you can drink while on the road to your next stop!


It will also make every minute fun (no boring commute time) and eliminate the worry of driving after drinking or trying to find many different taxis to ferry you to several different locations. Finally, knowing that you’ll be safely delivered home by a sober driver after you’re finished, gives everyone the freedom to let go and have a great time.

Idea #4: Throw a Singles Mixer.

Meeting new people can sometimes be a challenge or awkward, but a party bus can be an innovative place for you to throw a successful singles mixer. Why? You’ll have plenty of drinks to help loosen everyone up and the atmosphere can be like a club complete with dance floor, laser lighting and high energy music. This makes it easy for your guests to just have fun and dance for awhile, but once the ice has been broken you can turn down the music (and lights) and create a more intimate setting. This allows people to actually hear each other and talk (which would never be possible in the club), setting the scene for possible romantic connections to be made.



Any of these limo party bus ideas or the hundreds more that are available, make this mode of transportation second-to-none for entertaining. If you’ve been searching with no luck for the perfect venue or creative inspiration for your next event, look no further. A limo party bus will provide your guests with a unique, entertaining and extremely enjoyable experience – one which they’ll be talking about for weeks to come.