8 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Limousines

Limousines have been in existence for over a century now evolving numerous times into what they are today. There’s also more to limousines than size (length). If you care to discover amazing facts about the most comfortable and luxurious vehicles on the planet, look no further. Below are 8 amazing facts you didn’t know about limousines.

Fact 1: Initially, limos were designed for privacy, not luxury

This has to be the most amazing little-known facts about limousines. Initially, limousines were designed in such a way that the driver sat outside the main compartment. By placing a chauffeur outside the main compartment, passengers would get all the privacy that was foreign in regular cars.

Fact 2: Limos weren’t as long initially

The name limousine is synonymous with length. When anyone thinks of a limousine today, they think of stretch vehicles. It is, however, worth noting that limousines weren’t as long as they are today. As mentioned above, limousines were designed for privacy initially not comfort and luxury as is the case today. Limos were a bit longer than regular vehicles then but not the stretch giants we see today.

Fact 3: The name limousine was coined from a local traditional outfit, not a place

When people hear the word limousine, they think of a vehicle. This wasn’t the case initially. The name comes from a local tradition outfit found in France in a region called Limousin. The outfit (a cloaked hood) was worn by shepherds to protect them from harsh weather. The limousine got its name from the fact that initially, the compartments of limousines were covered with the cloaked hood. Most people think the name originates from a place in France however, the name originates from an outfit found in a certain region (Limousin) in France.

Fact 4: Limousines were the 1st vehicles to be equipped with air conditioning systems

Air conditioning is a standard feature in cars today. However, this wasn’t the case initially. Limos were the 1st cars to be equipped with air conditioning systems. The first ever air conditioners for limos were built in 1939 and installed in Chicago and New York limousines. Air conditioning was initially reserved for limos only because it was very expensive.

Fact 5: The 1st stretch limousine was built for a music group

The first ever stretch limousine was built for a best-selling musical group known as big band back in 1928. The limo was built by Armbruster Company in Fort Smith, Arkansas. The music group was popular for almost two decades. They used their limo for all their travel and touring needs at the time popularizing limousines enormously in the process. The big band is in fact credited for making limousines the preferred mode of transport by celebrities initially.

Fact 6: The first ever standard limo hit the market in 1902. The driver had no roof over his head

Limousines are over 100 years old. The first ever standard limousine hit the market in 1902. The standard limousine was attractive as well as cleverly engineered/designed for its time. The limo featured two compartments, one open (for the driver) and the other one closed (for the passengers). This gave the passengers unmatched privacy but introduced some challenges for the driver during harsh weather. Nevertheless, privacy was the most important concern then, so the first standard limousine served its purpose.

Fact 7: The longest limousine in the world measures is 100 feet

According to the Guinness book of world records, the longest limousine measures 100 feet in length. The limousine was built in 1997 in California by renowned car collector Jay Ohrberg. The limousine has a record 26 wheels, two driver cabins (one at the back and another at the front), a helipad, king-size bed and a Jacuzzi just to mention a few top features. The limousine was made for marketing purposes only. However, it has been prominently featured in movies, and popular TV shows over the years.

Fact 8: The safest most technologically advanced vehicle is a limousine (The Beast)

The United States Presidential limousine dubbed ”the beast” is the safest most technologically advanced vehicle in the world. The limo is virtually indestructible in every sense. For instance, it is 100% bulletproof and has safety measures against grenade attacks. The limo also has safety features capable of protecting the president from a chemical attack. The beast also has the most advanced communications system and many other top secret features.